6) The Truth About Maintenance Fees

Your Maintenance Fees Are A Revenue Stream For The Resorts.

Timeshare resorts have one motivation: extreme profits. This “profits first” mentality is why timeshare resorts likely won’t buy back your timeshare or even take it back for free. Resorts today are focused on selling more timeshares – their own inventory. Once they have someone contractually obligated to pay maintenance fees for life, they can move on to the next sale. If a resort were to absorb your timeshare back in to their inventory, then the resort would have to pay the maintenance and taxes on it. Resorts are just like any other business in that they have balance sheets and have to closely monitor expenditures. These resorts will not take back additional inventory (Non Performing Assets) because of the negative impact it will have on their profits.

  •  Aggressive Collections Efforts

  •  Harassing Phone Calls at Home and Work

  •  Threatening Letters

  •  Credit Bureau Reporting

  •  Credit Score Lowered

  •  Foreclosure Reported

  •  Uncollectable Bad Debt Reported

  •  Law Suits

  •  Liens Placed On Other Assets

  •  Garnishments of Wages